Basic Gun Dog

The basic gun dog training program was created to bring out all of the talents the puppy has developed.  In our Basic Gun Dog program the dog is expected to perform at the Started/Junior dog level.  At this level the dog is forced fetched and now picking up lots of marks under various hunting conditions.  The marks are thrown at various distances out to 100 yard through various terrains land and water. The dog is trained by actual hunting scenarios with live birds, decoys, blinds, boats, and four wheelers.   


A Basic Gun Dog is expected to sit patiently beside the handler and wait for a bird. Once the bird is shot the retriever is to be steady until commanded to mark. It is to be able to mark the downed bird, retrieve the downed bird when sent, and then return promptly to the handler. It is then expected to come heel, sit and deliver the bird to the handler. When a dog leaves this program it is ready to hunt. Our Basic Gun Dog is a started dog ready to go to the next level in training or to the field.

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