Advanced Gun Dog

The Advanced Dog Training takes the retriever to the next level of retriever training.  In our Advanced Dog Training we move the dog from the Started/Junior levels to the next level of training the Seasoned/Senior levels.  Then on the Finished/Master levels if the owner so desires and if the dog is capable.  In the Advanced Gun Dog Training the dog starts to feel the pressure of what is expected of an Advanced Gun Dog.  At this level the dog starts picking up multiple mark and is trained to handle using a whistle and hand signals. 


A dog that can work at the Senior level is picking up fairly difficult doubles through various scenarios and difficulties.  He is also picking up blinds using hand signal with good control.  If the dog makes it through the Seasoned/Senior levels it is ready to move to the Finished/Master levels.  At these levels the dog is picking up difficult triples and blind through very difficult scenarios.  How advanced the dog gets is up to the talent of the retriever and his owner.


We are in constant communication with the dogs owners informing them of their dogs progress. Owners are always welcome to set an appointment to come out and help with the training of their dog and we encourage the dog owner to learn how to handle their dog.  We spend lots of time with the owner teaching them how to handle their retriever in the field.

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